Ditch Your Old Popcorn Ceiling for a Modern Look

Ask about our popcorn ceiling removal services in Denver, CO

Popcorn ceilings were all the rage once, but they can make your home look outdated now. Instead of trying to scrape at your ceilings yourself, you can turn to Purple Mountain Painting in Denver, CO for popcorn ceiling removal. Your ceilings will be sleek and smooth in no time. Plus, you won't risk damaging your lungs from the asbestos dust.

Are you planning on painting your room? You can combine our popcorn ceiling removal services with our top-notch painting services to completely transform the space. Reach out to us today to schedule services.

popcorn ceiling removal denver co

3 reasons to remove your popcorn ceiling

Even something as simple as removing a popcorn ceiling can have a dramatic effect on a room. You can make the switch to plain ceilings to:

  1. Improve the lighting
  2. Reduce the amount of dust
  3. Get rid of discoloration

Your room will look cleaner and more modern when we’re done. Call us now at 303-209-9596 to make an appointment with our professionals.