Formerly Streamline Painters, we are now under new management but still utilizing the same incredible paint crews that have earned us a 4.8-star average rating on HomeAdvisor. Our crews have completed hundreds of jobs in the Denver metropolitan area since 2017, across the residential and commercial sectors, including interiors, exteriors, fences, and even a gazebo or two!

Tiffany des Cognets, CEO and Owner

Tiffany, a mother of two joyful and exhausting toddlers, resides in the Highlands/Sloan's Lake neighborhood of Denver and is passionate about helping other people love their homes (affordably!). After completing her undergraduate studies in History and Art History at Vanderbilt University and developing her professional skills over several years in non-profit administration (primarily at secondary schools and universities including at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire), she finished her M.Ed. at Northeastern University just a day before going into labor with her first child.

The daughter of two small business owners herself, she runs digital marketing for three of her parents' four businesses and had her first job helping her mother start a high-end gifts shop in Georgia during her college years.

She is passionate about demonstrating that women who choose to pursue motherhood in addition to a career have their best years ahead of them, even if those years are very, very tired ones.

James des Cognets, CFO

James des Cognets, CFO

James, who luckily met Tiffany while studying at Vanderbilt, works in the financial services industry by day and is worked by his two toddlers by night.

A self-professed "numbers guy," James enjoys digging into the minutiae of running businesses and building spreadsheets. While his passion will always be making numbers do stuff, he loves to help others understand their goals and build strategies to find success.

He studied Mechanical Engineering at Vanderbilt University and received his MBA with High Honors from Dartmouth College.